International Worship Service

"Christ Bridges Worlds" - An International Worship Service

Under the motto "Christ Bridges Worlds" a service of Holy Communion has been celebrated monthly in the City Church of Bayreuth since December 2015.  The service is open to all, especially refugees, foreign students and locals. To enable people of different backgrounds and languages to worship together, it is held mainly in English, but the printed service order is in six languages. Following the service, there is finger food for all, and those attending are invited to bring snacks with them.

Dates for the next services 2019

Due to precautions against the coronavirus, no International Services are held at this time. Planned dates: 20 June | 18 July | 19 September | 17 October

Publicity material

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Television reports on the International Service

TV Upper Franconia reported on the first International Service in Bayreuth in December 2015:

In July 2016, twenty refugees from Iran were baptised:

Recent pictures and news on Facebook:

What you can expect at the International Service

The service is conducted mainly in English. There are two short sermons, one in English, one in German. All six languages are represented in the intercessory prayers. The Lord’s Prayer and the Creed are spoken by each in their own language. Most of the hymns and spiritual songs can also be sung in various languages. The organ, a band and one of the church or gospel choirs from the region provide the music. The printed order of service in the six languages - English, German, French, Farsi, Arabic, and Russian - make it possible for most to take an active part in the service.

In essence, the service is a Lutheran celebration of Holy Communion to which all denominations, indeed all persons, are invited. Those who are unbaptised, may come forward and receive a blessing, instead of receiving communion.

Before the service begins there is a phase of community singing, and after the blessing a time to meet one another, while enjoying finger food. All those attending the service may, if they wish, provide small snacks in the form of finger food for a mixed buffet.

Since December 2015 the International Service has been celebrated monthly on the evening before the third Sunday of the month. It begins at 5 p.m. (with the phase of community singing beginning at 4.45 p.m.). The newly-renovated City Church of Bayreuth, as the seat of the Regional Bishop, is the appropriate place for this service.

Sermons in Farsi at the International Service

Until recently, the brief sermons at the International Service were often interpreted for (baptised) Iranian refugees into Farsi. In future, they will also be available after the service in printed form:

The printed service order

Two service booklets have been developed for the International Service which can also be used elsewhere: one in German, English and French, the other in English, German, French, Russian, Farsi and Arabic. The order of service is identical in both booklets.
The service booklets contain a fully-developed liturgy (including intercessory prayers and the order of Holy Communion). The print in columns enables one to find one’s place easily in the service order, as well as in the various languages.
The booklets are intended both for the liturgist and the worshippers and can be used throughout the church year. Only the hymns/songs, the readings and the short sermon need to be selected for each service anew.
The service booklets are a joint product of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Bayreuth region, the Institute for Worship of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bavaria, and the Project Centre of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bavaria for Contact with Protestant intercultural parishes.

You can order the service booklets at the Institute for Worship online at
Please note the prices for bulk orders:
For the Service Booklet in six languages (Art.-No. 1596):
One copy: € 2,50
More than 20 copies: € 1,80
More than 100 copies: € 1,20
For the Service booklet in three languages (Art.-No. 1595):
One copy: € 2,00
More than 20 copies: € 1,50
More than 100 copies: € 1,00

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